Consumer Health Digest Product Review Editorial Guidelines & Mission

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Our Vision & Mission

We have taken it upon ourselves to help consumers make the perfect purchase regarding health products and supplements – this is our mission. We know that there are myriad choices out there and that the market is flooded with vitamins and supplements making endless claims. We consider it our job to help you sort through the sea of information, giving you only the facts relevant to your situation. We are here to help. Our writers go through the actual research for you so that can come to your own conclusion sooner.

The main vision and mission of Consumer Health Digest is to properly disseminate news related to health and nutrition. Our site’s media service aims to provide news, information, and updates free of charge. We value your well-being and when it comes to health, there shouldn’t be a price for it. And since we realize just how important wellness is, it’s imperative that we provide you with information that’s based on supported research and credible findings. We also provide eCommerce purchasing information like prices, ratings, availability, and referral sites.

Everything you need to know has been written by our team of talented writers with a clear understanding of the information they’ve provided. But what truly sets us head and shoulders above other sites is how we present our information.

Our articles aren’t based on personal opinions and biased information about the latest health news, trends, and findings. Rather, our pieces are backed by facts, expert findings, customer feedback, and are always objective.

Our Team

Our team includes writers and editors with years of experience who are always on the lookout for the best products on the market, online or otherwise. We are health and wellness consumers ourselves, which means that we are truly passionate about the products and services we present to you.

What We Do

Our team handles the research part, which makes us able to recommend a wide array of products from a list organized by writers (from different product categories). While it is true that we are given an affiliate commission for some of the products, this is not the case with all of the products we review. We do However, belong to select affiliate programs, and we do make a commission if you decide to purchase through our affiliate links.

Once an article has been published, it will does not simply gather dust. We provide constant updates so that you can stay up to date and be in the loop on the latest findings and developments. Our team is very familiar with the most recent products on the market, helping you find the one that is right for you whether it be a good joint pain supplement, male enhancement pill, or anything in between.

The products we recommend can fit anyone’s budget – whether you are interested in sticking to a budget or splurging, we will provide helpful input and information. Moreover, you will definitely see that we are not specifically loyal to certain retailers or brand. Our principle is to come up with recommendations for products offered by trustworthy companies, with excellent customer service. In this way, we can help you enjoy the best possible shopping experience.

Our editors work non-stop to check the availability of various products for the best possible consumer experience. We have all been there and we know how upsetting it can be to add a product to your cart after having researched it thoroughly only to find out it is no longer in stock.

Why Should You Trust Us?

It is important to understand that Consumer Health Digest only offers editorial product recommendations. The content and coverage of products are not under the authority of any retailer, PR company or sales team; moreover, we never take free samples for the reviews we make. Our team handles all the heavy work, consulting with experts and professional testers to determine which purchases are worth making – effectively helping you to avoid buyer’s remorse.

The following list details the process by which our writers go about composing product reviews. Our final verdict on any product is based on the following criteria:

1. The manufacturer’s history and other lines of products
2. List of ingredients used and details of the components
3. The Science behind the product and claims made
4. Expert review and customer ratings/feedback
5. Product advantages and disadvantages
6. Product site and details mentioned
7. Research or clinical studies conducted

It is our mission to provide you with an unbiased glimpse of products you need to know about. With our help, you can arm yourself with information to make the right call. We will work hand-in-hand with you so that you can enjoy every moment of your healthy life.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us, in the situation you have any comments to make, opinions to express or questions to ask our editors and writers.

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